Some stories have legacies. This is one of my learnings from my previous stints at MassChallenge & NASSCOM. While I progress in my On Deck journey along with my 100 true fans, later this year, I have learned how legacies are being created.

  1. Choose your theme of the show/episode very wisely: Any episode that pushes the narrative forward is a good episode.
  2. Choose your guest carefully: Your audience will demand you to bring value to the conversations. As much as they would like the banter, they want to learn or need a solid takeaway from the podcast. To create an evergreen podcast asset, we'll have to focus on long-term narratives.
  3. Be your audience's voice: You should respect your audience's time. Your sole purpose through the conversation should be about asking all the questions that your audience would like to have asked the guests. Research the questions along with your community members.

4. The Host: One common denominator is the host. Do a deep dive as to why you are the right host for the show. The host will carve out the narration for all the seasons and is the only constant factor in the podcast. If you are a voracious reader and have a spectrum of knowledge based on your life experiences, you can bring out those colors in the conversations. Let the curiosity bundled with humour drive the direction of the conversations. Media 3.0 needs this audio-first storytelling experience.

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